What can the ceramic industry do to have a future under the epidemic


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I have to say, this is the most troubling, worrying and heart-wrenching Spring Festival for many people in their lives.

From December 8, 2019, when the first covid-19 patient was found in wuhan, to January 23, 2020, when wuhan was closed to the public, the number of confirmed cases doubled and the scope of infection expanded. At that time, the rumor is everywhere, panic, people excited, transport interruption, market closed, consumption shrinking...... While the epidemic affects people's hearts, it also strongly impacts the national economy.

In the face of severe epidemic, no industry can stay out of trouble, and the ceramic industry is no exception. So what can the ceramic industry do in this situation?


Make a worst-case assessment

It should be noted that, compared with wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism and other industries, the impact of the epidemic on the ceramic industry is relatively small, but it should not be ignored. Delaying the start of construction will not simply delay the start date, and will cause a lot of unexpected negative effects.

First, personnel instability. At present, no matter whether they go to work or not, many employees are in a panic. Even if they go back to work online, they are not in a good state. If the people are upset, the team will be unstable, which will easily lead to variables. Therefore, ceramic enterprises and dealers must attach great importance to the stability of people's minds and firmly stabilize human resources, the most valuable resource.

Second, it causes financial strain. Under the epidemic situation, most of them are online offices, and the actual operation is suspended. The income is basically zero. The rent, salary, bank interest and other expenses are paid accordingly. This makes many small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises and dealers, which are already in great difficulties and are burdened with heavy debts, face bankruptcy and close down, and a large number of employees are unemployed.

Three is to disrupt the industry rhythm. During outbreaks, all walks of life consumption, logistics, business model, ceramic enterprise normal business activities such as production, sales and cash collection then stagnation, ceramic industry supply end of raw materials, labor and other factors of production flow and therefore interrupted, plan of product upgrades, upgrade management, environmental protection and so on major initiatives is delayed. In this way, many ceramic enterprises and dealers are bound to be greatly affected by the 2020 target plan, and the whole ceramic industry will be further reshuffled, either accelerating the iteration and upgrading, or going downhill.

Of course, the above are only three major and direct negative impacts. In the macro context of China's tertiary industry accounting for 53.9%, the contribution of consumption to economic growth is up to 57.8%, and the dependence on foreign trade is still high, the impact of the epidemic on the ceramic industry, which is closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood, is actually far beyond that.


Do your best

Since the epidemic has not hit as hard as other industries, and the worst assessment has been made, it is worth taking a chance and trying your best to adapt and change.

Stable team, caring and heartwarming. As mentioned above, the more difficult times, the more efforts should be made in the direction of people, care for and love employees, try to stabilize the team. For example, most ceramic enterprises put the safety and health of employees in the first place, and repeatedly put off the start date, so that employees can stay at home to fight against the epidemic and do not have to worry about jobs, salaries and other practical issues. Kito ceramics enterprise, set up the first time the epidemic emergency working group, according to the government calling for the prevention and control measures, through the screening, provide masks and other kinds of effective measures such as prevention and control materials, to set up the related responsibility system to reassure employees, Mona Lisa will also be screening employees to expand the scope of physical condition in the terminal, let dealers fully felt the manufacturer of warmth; Dongpeng and other ceramic enterprises made a commitment to employees, not because of the epidemic layoffs and pay cuts.

Public welfare fight epidemic disease, brand in action. Although the ceramic industry itself has long been in the cold winter, but some pottery enterprises did not stand by, while seriously independent to fight the epidemic, while actively assisting the epidemic area. Tao wei enterprises such as new pearl, dongpeng, Mona Lisa, Nobel Prize, diao (ou shennuo), huida, hongyu, jianyi, shuncheng, hangrui, jiumu, wrigley and hengjie donated more than 10 million yuan to the epidemic areas in wuhan as soon as possible. The public welfare activities of these tao wei enterprises in assisting the epidemic areas not only contributed to the victory of the war without the smoke of war, but also assumed social responsibilities, and made their respective brands speak out, improving their popularity, reputation and influence, and laid a certain foundation for the marketing and long-term development after the epidemic.

The business will not stop. Labor is the source of all happiness, no work, no income, personal material life and spiritual life are water moon flower; The economy is the foundation of all social development. Without it, there would be no taxation. The country's military, diplomatic, scientific and technological, and future development are castles in the air. Therefore, conditional started as early as a ceramic enterprise, namely prepared sufficient disease resistant materials, a response to the outbreak of ceramic enterprises emergency, such as the Mona Lisa, Europe god nuo, dong peng, Jane a, kito, Byrd, crown of the king, HBI, HaoBo government resistance to disease in strict accordance with the requirements, such as choice, formally began on February 10, ceramic industry is the first line of ceramic enterprises to return to work; Other ceramic enterprises adopt the "fancy" working mode, carry out business activities by means of online office and off-peak work, and enhance the "soft power" of employees by means of online training. The first batch of ceramic enterprises to resume work offline will continue to work in this way. Most of the ceramic enterprises and dealers who hope to make a difference under the cold winter and after the epidemic are in their own way to enter into the state of operation in advance, waiting for the market recovery in the best state. If we do not enter the working state in advance, it will be difficult for us to keep up with the market pace when we start our business after the epidemic is over. A slow step will lead to a slow step and a careless move will lose the whole game.

Survival, hope in the future. In other words, for a ceramic enterprise that does not have the conditions to start work, if it starts work blindly, it will be tantamount to killing itself. First, there is no market, and even if the work starts, it will not produce sales performance. Second, once some employees or even a large number of employees are infected with novel coronavirus, they will definitely suffer from catastrophe. And for all ceramic enterprise, must want to know what they want, and if you still want to continue to grow, one thousand ways to live is the first point, don't sit under the outbreak dispute the gain and loss, cannot hold more "dike loss DiNa fill" dangerous mind, should have the courage to take responsibility, future-oriented, layout in the long run. Such as new pearl, jinyi pottery and other ceramic enterprises by the wisdom store, online stores, etc. for dealers to carry out online drainage, help the terminal store to win customer failure; Huiya and other ceramic enterprises to the national dealers put forward support measures, lion king and other ceramic enterprises to provide assistance to dealers in hubei, Douglas is directly shouted out "10 million subsidies, mutual help" slogan, the factory price straight down 10%, subsidies for 5 months. In short, manufacturers hand in hand, live together to have hope; Various home stores have reduced the rent for merchants. For example, 82 shopping malls of red star macalline have reduced the rent by about 590 million yuan. Local governments have introduced supporting policies to save small and medium-sized enterprises, including small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises, from the crisis.

Should see, after the outbreak: whether house prices down is up, the outbreak of the frozen real estate market will usher in a strong rebound, is bound to the market for ceramics play a positive role in pulling, taking ten thousand steps back, even if the real estate market rebound, the outbreak is only delayed the ceramic tile consumption, and won't cancel the demand for ceramic tile, the current sales of delay will be late for the performance of the outbreak; The r&d, production, sales, management, logistics, especially service and other aspects of the ceramic industry will be forced to make major changes under the influence of the new business model generated by the epidemic, which will place higher requirements on the innovation of ceramic enterprises, and innovation may become the biggest driving force for the development of ceramic enterprises. Some pottery enterprises will die, but at the same time, there will be a lot of pottery enterprises will be reborn, especially those who can seize the good opportunity to take a few steps under the epidemic head enterprises.

The epidemic may have an incalculable impact on China's economy, but it will not change the long-term trend of steady and sound economic growth. As long as China's economy is prosperous and people's livelihood is guaranteed, the ceramic industry will never be reduced to a sunset industry.

There is no winter that will not pass, no spring that will not come.

Let's look forward to a better ceramic industry after the epidemic!

Source: China ceramic net