The most important that chooses ceramic tile design and color suits him is best


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The shop installed ceramic tile bedroom to always give a person with broad and bright feeling, and facilitate clean. Especially the popular design and color of ceramic tile resembles female type fashionable dress to be same, when each season different new product appears on the market, can lead tide, become the darling of the home outfit market. But because a lot of common consumer does not understand the knowledge of ceramic tile of choose and buy, can be misled possibly by some businessman.

Choose ceramic tile design and color the most important

Authoritative investigation shows, the concern element of ceramic tile product of consumer choose and buy is design and color above all, more than 35% consumer lists design and color as primary concern factor. The material that is a product next is qualitative, 30% consumer lists its the factor that buys ceramic tile, below the circumstance that differs in product price not quite, consumer is willing to bear the design and color that is oneself satisfaction to buy cost to increase, if exceed expectation overmuch, consumer still can consider price factor, concern to the price accounts for 27%. Material pledges respect to choose glaze material to pledge 40% of the total amount. Polished bricks account for 30%.

Two kinds of brick each have its advantages and disadvantages, but why glazed brick is more popular than polished brick? This more or less reflects consumers' tendency towards "fashion". Glazed tile design is rich, can make fashionable effect, and antifouling force is strong, and although polishing brick also has glazed tile the advantage that cannot be comparable, but most consumer does not have very deep understanding to the product, the glazed tile with gorgeous appearance when choosing and buying gets favour more. "Although a lot of stylist and fashionable magazine can tell a few popular and fashionable trends, but consumer still does not follow blindly popular, and should choose the ceramic tile that suits his home style according to his demand." The personage inside course of study he jian suggests, because popular trend is changable, and decorate is a big project with very strong individuation, suit oneself just is best.