Focus on the two trends in the ceramic tile industry


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Through various ceramic tile brand exhibition this year, whether it is conform to user requirements and tailor-made personal values, the ceramic tile of the integration of fashion sense and highly efficient design, or the Mosaic Mosaic art, echo of ceramic tile products fashion agitation restoring ancient ways and so on, a detailed analysis of green aesthetic concept, from environmental protection, style, color, size, price, generalization about the popular trend of ceramic tile.

One of the most popular trends is "environmental protection"

The whole world is talking about environmental protection, and modern civilization also reminds people to think more about their own safety while protecting the environment. For manufacturer of ceramic tile, while reducing cost, cannot reduce original quality absolutely. When consumer is buying ceramic tile, the product that also is caring about its to buy accords with environmental protection requirement, whether does radiation degree exceed the bearing ability of human body.

Ceramic tile popular fashion two "size"

At present, as the professional degree of ceramic tile market improves ceaselessly, consumer chooses to ceramic tile dimension more diversiform, ceramic tile dimension presents polarization development.

On the one hand, as a result of more and more consumer pursuit is decorated on the wall "seamless" effect, and make "big piece" ceramic tile more popular. The growing popularity of large residential buildings is driving the popularity of large tiles. Small specification ceramic tile already cannot satisfy the requirement of household, the dimension that indoor metope ceramic tile is relatively common with 250mm×360mm commonly, the brick that sitting room ground USES is not less than 500mm×500mm commonly. If sitting room area exceeds 40 square metre, the requirement to floor tile specification is bigger.

Introduce according to professional personage, "big piece" the craft flow of ceramic tile is much more complex than small area ceramic tile, manufacturer wants to spend more idea in the respect such as burnish, grain, flatness, water absorption. Look from intuitionistic effect, no matter design and color of large ceramic tile, simple sense or decorate the effect to be outstanding than traditional brick. On the other hand, the ceramic tile of small size is more popular than in the past, a lot of people discover the square ceramic tile of small size can build bricks and mortar to give a lot of change, suit the metope of small area. Some small ceramic tile specifications even only 5 to 13mm. The small ceramic tile of a kind of coarse simple sense on market, can spread the style that gives Europe rural.